List of Publications

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Collins, Timothy. “The Hessian Elm, The Revolutionary Memoir of a Tree.” Connecticut History  Spring 2006.

Featured quotes and research from John Faubion.

Flood, Elizabeth Clair. “Western Design Conference: The Enduring Legacy of a Pioneer Artist Challenges The Old Guard at This Prestigious Annual Gathering.” Cowboys & Indians  January 2002. John Faubion’s presentation to the September 2001 Western Design Conference in Cody, Wyoming, is the subject of this article.

Faubion, John. “Lawrence Tenney Stevens: Tempe’s Impassioned Sculptor.”  Tempe Magazine  March – April 1997.


There are scores of newspaper articles featuring Lawrence Tenney Stevens in his archives dating from c. 1915 to present. Below are some of the most recent. If you have research questions and would like to see a more complete list, please contact John Faubion at

Reeder, Richard. “Catalyst of ‘Cody Style’ debated.” Cody Enterprise  Sep. 30, 2009.

Hassrick, Buzzy. “Speaker Raises High Style Questions: Faubion says Stevens, not Molesworth, deserves more credit for distinction.” Cody Enterprise Sept. 24, 2001. John Faubion’s presentation to the Western Design Conference is the subject of this article that, along with a photograph of him speaking, dominated the front page.

Faubion, John.    “Sculptor’s Estate Yields Fair Art Treasures.”    Fair News   July  1998.

Faubion, John.  “Famous Sculptor Left Mark in Los Gatos.” Los Gatos Weekly Times  Feb. 26, 1997.

Faubion, John.  “Exhibit Profiles Sculptor From Brighton.”   Allston-Brighton Tab   Dec. 31, 1996.

Faubion, John. “Major Exhibit Features Cave Creek Sculptor.” Sonoran News  Dec. 18-24, 1996.

Lebow, Edward. “The Amazing Colossal Sculptor: The Works of Tempe Patriot Lawrence Tenney Stevens Loom Large.” New Times Oct. 31 – Nov. 6, 1996. John Faubion was interviewed, and provided research for, this front page article, was quoted in it, and was featured in the accompanying photo.

Books and exhibition catalogues

Year, Author, Title, # Of Pages

2017- Duncan, Alastair, Art Deco Sculpture, 400

2016 – deLusé, Stephanie, Phd., Legendary Locals of Tempe, 128

2014- Evans, Janet, and Becher, Drew and Lemheney, Sam, Philadelphia Flower Show, Images of America Series, 128

2014 -DeHony, Jo Jean Thomas,  Life in the Hotel: Hotel History, 225+

2013 – Witten, Michele, Whole Mountain Source Book

2012- Parsons, Jim, and Bush, David, Fair Park Deco, 228

2008 – Houze, Lynn Johnson, Cody, Wyoming, Images of America Series, 128

2005~Davenport, Ray, Davenport’s Art Reference: The Gold Edition Inc.  Dunbier, Lonnie Pierson (Editor),  The Artists Bluebook, 34,000 North American Artists,  479

2002~Hughes, Edan Milton,  Artists in California: 1786-1940  (2 volumes),  1249

2000~Powers, John & Deborah,  Texas Painters, Sculptors & Graphic Artists Biographical Dictionary, 606

1999~Falk, Peter Hastings (editor),  Who Was Who in American Art  1564-1975 (3 volumes),  3724

1999~Grauer, Paula and Michael R., Dictionary of Texas Artists  1800-1945,  240

1996~Swancara, John W., Project 19: A Mission Most Secret,  300

1995~American Academy in Rome: Celebrating a Century,  187

1993~Rather, Susan,  Archaism, Modernism and theArt of Paul Manship,  268

1990~Falk, Peter Hastings (editor),  The Annual Exhibition Record of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1117

1990~Falk, Peter Hastings,   Annual Exhibition Record, National Academy of Design 1901-1950,  622

1989~Falk, Peter Hastings (editor), Annual Exhibition Record, 1914-68, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 538

 1986~Opitz, Glenn B (editor),   Mantle Fielding’s Dictionary of American Painters, Sculptors, Engravers, 1081

1985~Falk, Peter Hastings (editor),  Who Was Who in American Art  Artists Active 1898-1947,  707

1985~Dawdy, Doris,  Artists of the American West: A Biographical Dictionary (3 volumes),  1184

1984~Opitz, Glenn B (editor),  Dictionary of American Sculptors  18th Century to Present, 656

1982~Opitz, Glenn,  Dictionary of American Artists,  372

1977~Wurts, Richard,  The New York World’s Fair 1939-1940,  152

1976~Samuels, Peggy and Harold,  The Illustrated Biographical Encyclopedia of Artists of the American West,  549

1975~Gill, Brendan, Here at the New Yorker, 439

1973~Broder, Patricia Janis,   Bronzes of the American West,  429

1971~Steadman, William E.,   The West and Walter Bimson:  Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings & Sculpture,  223

1968~Proske, Beatrice Gilman,  Brookgreen Gardens  Sculpture,  575

1948~Mallett, Daniel Trowbridge,  Index of Artists International Biographical (2 volumes),  811

1947~Ball State Teachers College Catalog of Paintings, Sculpture

1943~Proske, Beatrice Gilman,  Brookgreen Gardens Sculpture,  510

1939~The American Academy in Rome At the New York World’s Fair,  31

1937~ Architectural League of New York: Fifty First Exhibition,  72

1929~National Sculpture Society Contemporary American Sculpture, 352

1926~Architectural League of New York: Forty-First Exhibition,  336