Auction Records & Appraisals

Given the scarcity of auction records for art by Lawrence Tenney Stevens, qualified appraisers have consulted John Faubion prior to preparing appraisals for buyers, sellers, estates, and tax purposes. Contact John Faubion for the most recent information.

This watercolor of a moose in Yellowstone was painted, on-site, in a campy Western style by Lawrence Tenney Stevens in 1935. It reflects a spontaneity and color palette that was influenced by celebrated artist Millard Sheets. Stevens, Sheets, and acclaimed muralist Thomas Loftin Johnson, had traveled to Mexico on a watercoloring expedition the previous year. This watercolor was owned by Ray Wilde, a local of Cody, Wyoming. It was sold at Brian Lebel’s Old West Auction in Mesa, Arizona, on January 20, 2018.

Sale price was $7000 plus $1,470 buyer’s premium. Pre-auction estimate was $700 – $1000.