Western and Wildlife Fine Art Prints

Collectible Western and Wildlife Fine Art Prints from the estate of Lawrence Tenney Stevens

Tucked away in the Stevens archives for decades, these very rare linocut prints, are considered among the finest examples in American Art history. They were printed by the artist, from his own press, beginning in the spring of 1935. They excel in all of the critical elements that appeal to sophisticated collectors: artistry, quality, condition, rarity, authenticity, and provenance!

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David Malcolmson

“I wish you could hear how far above Rockwell Kent’s works E.W. Furman, head of the ‘Print Rooms’ of Hollywood, authority on prints, puts these lion hunt pictures.”

Mary Jane Owen
Arizona Highways, January, 1962

“Steve [Stevens] has always loved the free life of the wild animals and some of his happiest times have been spent observing them. In 1929, he got his first real taste of the West on a ranch near Cody, Wyoming. When he wasn’t modeling he could usually be found hunting bears, moose, elk, or guiding guests on pack trips. Later he went on an exciting mountain lion hunt in the Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona. Some of the tales of these hunts have been recorded by Steve in manuscript form and illustrated with over one hundred carved blocks.”

David Malcolmson

“Millard Sheets puts these prints on a par with the illustrations of ‘Hiroshige’s Journey.’ ”

Martin Weisendanger
Art Historian, First Director of the Gilcrease Museum-Tulsa, Oklahoma

“[The linocuts] are of a quality that is only found in the bas-reliefs of the Han Dynasty.”

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